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Library Staff

Peabody Public Library Director

Mary Hartman

Mary Hartman
Phone: (260) 244-5541 ext. 105

Assistant Director, Technical Services Librarian

Christie Whitton

Christie Carnahan Whitton
Phone: (260) 244-5541 ext. 112

Interim Adult Services Librarian

Deb Lowrance

Deb Lowrance
Phone: (260) 244-5541 ext. 102

Children's Services Librarian

Pam Hively

Pamela Hively
Phone: (260) 244-5541 ext. 107

Circulation Manager

Laura Hull

Laura Hull
Phone: (260) 244-5541 ext. 111

Other Staff

Administrative Assistant: Linda Craig

Adult Services Clerks: Andrea Baldwin, Amanda Brennan, Melissa Payne, Anna Richey

Young Adult Services Professional Assistant: Darla Lepley

Children's Services Professional Assistants: Kathy Harrison, Christie Hazen

Lead Circulation Assistant: Barb Thompson

Assistant Circulation Clerks: Karen Blake, Emma Pattee, Maddy Roush, Diana Smith

Assistant Technical Services Clerk: Jamie Cline

Technology Trainer: Beth Gaff

Systems Technician: Sarah Field

Janitor: Mark Doehrman


Young Adult/Children’s Professional Assistant
24 hours per week
3 week rotating schedule includes evening shifts
every third weekend Saturdays & Sundays
$9.77 hourly
Some library experience preferred
Must pass shelving test, enjoy working with teens and   
have High School Diploma or GED/HSE
Ability to acquire LC6 Certification

Peabody Public Library
1160 East Highway 205
Columbia City, IN
Apply in person at the Administration Office
Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Applications accepted through Friday, March 24, 2017