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Movie Nights at the Peabody Public Library

Dark City Movies

Dark City Matinees are usually* shown on the second Saturday of each month at 2 PM. Please check the calendar for the most up-to-date information. (*April and July are exceptions)

Jan. 9, 2016
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with Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman & Paul Henreid

Feb. 13, 2016
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The Spiral Staircase

with Dorothy McGuire, George Brent & Ethel Barrymore

Mar. 12, 2016
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All the King's Men

with Broderick Crawford, John Ireland & Joanne Dru

Apr. 16*, 2016
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The Caine Mutiny

with Humprhey Bogart & José Ferrer

May 14, 2016
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with Franchot Tone, Jean Wallace & Myron McCormick

Jun. 11, 2016
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The Chase

with Robert Cummings, Michele Morgan & Peter Lorre

Jul. 16*, 2016
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The Manchurian Candidate

with Frank Sinatra & Laurence Harvey

Aug. 13, 2016
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Treasure of the Sierra Madre

with Humprhey Bogart & Walter Huston

Sep. 10, 2016
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I Wake Up Screaming (Hot Spot)

with Victor Mature & Betty Grable

Oct. 8, 2016
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Sudden Fear

with Joan Crawford & Jack Palance

Nov. 12, 2016
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Public Enemy

with James Cagney & Jean Harlow

Dec. 10, 2016
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Dark Passage

with Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall