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Adult Department Programs & Events

The following is an overview of our regular programs and may be subject to change. Read our monthly newsletters or pick up a printed calendar (available at the library) for up-to-date information each month.

Arts & Crafts

The Adult Department regularly sponsors a variety of hands-on programs, from tatting and beading classes to guitar lessons (typically a six-week program offered a couple of times a year, so watch our newsletter and calendar if you're interested!).

Watch also for the talented musicians we bring in over the holidays and for special programs.

Book Clubs

Our "Timely and Timeless" book club can be found meeting, usually at local restaurants, on the fourth Tuesday of every month, starting at noon. New members are always welcome.


The second Saturday of every month is our "Dark City" movie night. We also periodically hold Sci Fi movie marathons, from Red Dwarf to Star Wars to Dr. Who, so watch our calendars for these special events.

Physical Fitness

Thanks to Asha Shardwaj we are able to offer yoga classes again on a regular basis.

Cooking Classes

A series of cooking classes started in April and is scheduled as follows:

  • Thursday, April 18: “Side Dishes” with Laura Gump
  • Thursday, May 16: “Risotto” with Chef Jacob Kemery
  • Thursday, June 27: “Picnic Dishes” with Laura Gump
  • Wednesday, July 24: Josh Henney does “Backyard Barbeque”
  • Thursday, August 15: “Crockpot Delights” featuring Laura Gump
  • Thursday, September 19: “Cooking on a Budget” with Pat Henson
  • Thursday, October 17: “Cheese Spectacular” with Laura Gump
  • Thursday, November 21: Jennifer Zartman-Romano presents “Gluten-free Goodies”
  • Thursday, December 19, “Fancy Appetizers” with Laura Gump

All cooking classes start at 6 PM.

Other Fun Activities

Every year we hold an exciting Jeopardy! tournament, usually in January or February. Now you can also try out one of Ray's Jeopardy boards in PDF format!

A new activity we've recently embraced is the performing of Radio Plays. We put on It's a Wonderful Life in December, and The Maltese Falcon in March. Expect to see more of these fun events in the future. Want to join us on stage? Watch for our next auditions!

Complete Listing

Click here for a complete listing of Adult Department events from the Online Calendar.

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