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Fun and Exploration!

Tumblebook Library

Available in the children's department as well as from home, Tumblebook Library is a collection of talking picture books, which teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love, as well as puzzles, games and more. Books can even be read in Spanish, French, or Chinese.

Activity Kits

Ever get tired of playing with the same old toys at home? Why not come to the library and check out one of our Activity Kits? These kits are themed for story telling and creative play, and can either be used in the library or borrowed and taken home (always check the list of items to make sure everything is there before you bring the kit back!).

Useful Links

Check out the Kid's Search from INSPIRE for homework help from the Indiana State Library.

Or explore for parenting ideas from the DEKKO foundation.

I Spy...

See how many insects, birds, mammals, and reptiles and amphibians you can find in these four murals. Come to the library for a closer look!

insects birds mammals reptiles