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Computers at the Peabody Public Library

Below is a list of computers with their respective applications/software that are available at the library. The software and applications listed below do not represent an exhaustive list; this list was put together to give patrons an idea of the resources available to them at the public access computers.

Internet Computers

A library card and PIN number (or a guest pass, obtained from the Adult Information desk or Children's Services desk) is required to use these computers, which are accessed through our PC Reservation system. They may be used for one hour per day with the option to have time extended in 30 minutes increments, depending on the accessibility of other Internet computers. Black and white or color printing is available from all Internet computers.

There are 10 Internet computers in the Adult department, 5 Internet computers in the Teen Services area, and 2 Internet computers in the Children's Department containing web browsing applications, OpenOffice, CD burning software, Adobe Reader, and access to other online applications.

Additionally, there are 4 Internet computers in the Adult department, 2 in the Study Room (next to the Periodicals room), 1 in the Teen Services area, and 1 in the Children's Department that include Microsoft Office 2010.

The Adult department also has a computer with a flatbed scanner, an iMac, and one workstation with large type and other ADA-related features and settings. In the Indiana room, two more computers include bookmarks to Genealogy sites, as well as HeritageQuest and Ancestry.

Finally, there are 2 laptops that may be checked out for wireless Internet use anywhere within the library. These laptops have essentially the same technology as the other computers with Microsoft Office 2010.

Children's Department Game Computers

There are 6 game computers available in the Children's Department. Patrons are allowed up to one hour per day on these computers (in half hour increments). Included are an assortment of Windows games, offline versions of popular Internet games, assorted games from The Learning Company and other educational software providers, and educational freeware. Access to certain online games has recently been added. Printing is not available on any game computers.

Computer Lab

The computer lab consist of 14 computers and one instructor computer. Ten computers, including the instructor computer, have Windows 7 with Office 2010. The five computers in the back row have Windows 8.1 with Office 2013. Internet access and printing are available. Click here for information on reserving the computer lab.