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Distance Learning Services

The Peabody Public Library provides the equipment and the space necessary to those who are enrolled in distance education. Our computer lab, study rooms, and other seating areas with wireless Internet access provide a quiet environment that is suitable for distance learning. Our reference computers can also be used to participate in online classes or to access various types of online assignments.


The Peabody Public Library provides proctoring services to meet the various needs of the community. Although the library is not a test center, we offer this service to support lifelong learning.

This service is available to anyone, and a library card is not necessary to use this service. The library does not charge a fee for this service. The reference librarian is in charge of proctoring the exams.

If you would like to arrange for the library to proctor an exam, please call us at (260) 244-5541 or e-mail us with your request.

HSE Classes through Impact Institute

Need to get your HSE (formerly GED)? You can attend classes held by the Impact Institute in our computer lab. Just go to to get started. FAQs here.