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Office Support Services

Below is a list of office support services and equipment available at the Peabody Public Library. Additional equipment is available when requesting a meeting room.

Notary Service

The Peabody Public Library is pleased to provide Notary Service to the community Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 1 PM and 2 PM – 5 PM. You may want to call ahead (244-5541) to make sure our notary is available on the day you want to utilize the service.

Office Applications Computers

We have four Office Applications computers in the Adult Department which contain programs such as Microsoft Office Suite, OpenOffice, and TypingMaster Pro. A library card or guest pass is required to use these computers. Two identical computers are also available in the Quiet Room, and one each in the YA area and Children's Services area.


A library card is not required in order to use the copy machine, which doubles as our public access printer. The cost for copies is 10¢ per page for monochrome and 25¢ per page for color. Either letter or legal size paper is available and two-sided copies costs the same as copying two pages. (Stated prices reflect a cash discount. Copies may also be paid for by credit or debit card.)


Sending a Fax:

  • $1.00 per page, local or long distance. This charge applies to all individuals having a borrower’s card.
  • $2.00 per page, local or long distance. This charge applies to all individuals who do not have a borrower’s card.
Exception to the above fees can be made at the discretion of the librarian in charge.

Receiving a Fax:

There is no charge for receiving a fax. When the fax arrives at the library the clerk at the circulation desk will notify the person to whom the fax is addressed.


A flatbed scanner is available for public use. The scanner can be used for documents up to legal size using the document feeder, or up to letter size on the flatbed portion. It can also be used to scan transparent photo negatives and slides. The software includes OCR to convert scanned documents to text. Scanned files can be printed, uploaded to the Internet, or saved to your portable device. This is a free service that does not require a library card.

See also Internet and Printing services.