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Downloadable Materials

The Peabody Public Library offers services through Overdrive, Hoopla and EbscoHost to download eBooks and eAudiobooks onto your computer or portable digital media player. (Freading, Freegal, and FreegalMovies are being phased out.) A valid green Peabody Public Library card is required to access these services.

Using Overdrive


OverDrive offers downloadable eBooks, Audiobooks, eVideos and eMusic.

How it works:


  1. Visit the Indiana Digital Download Center website at
  2. Search by title, subject, author, or format

Check out

  1. Add selections to your 'Cart'.
  2. Click on the 'Proceed to Checkout'. Select the Peabody Public Library from the list of libraries and enter your library card number and Pin.

Download... Enjoy!

  1. Click the 'Download' button under each title.
  2. Once downloaded, enjoy immediately or transfer to a variety of devices including iPod, MP3 players, eReaders and more.

Additional software is required to transfer titles to portable devices. For additional help consult the Overdrive Support Page.

  • Checkout limit: 10 titles
  • Lending period: 7 or 14 days
  • Title automatically expire at the end of the lending period. There are no late fees.

Using Hoopla

Please note: Hoopla will be available to our patrons starting on December 1, 2015. At present, staff are still being trained in using the product.

Getting Started

  1. Register for a hoopla account by visiting, or by using the Hoopla Digital mobile app on your iOS or Android device. You will need to select Peabody Public Library to get started, then provide an e-mail address, create a password, and have your library account information ready.
  2. Easily browse titles on your computer or mobile device by clicking Browse All on the format (Music, Movies, Audiobooks, eBooks, Comics, and Television) you would like to browse further on. You can also search for a specific title by clicking on the Search box or magnifying glass and typing in your title(s)/keyword.
  3. To borrow a title, click on the title and then click the Borrow button. Your borrowed titles can be played right after borrowing, and found under the My Titles menu for viewing/listening. Enjoy your selected titles!
  4. Borrowed titles will be automatically returned when your lending period is over. There are no holds, wait lists, or late fees for any of hoopla’s content.
  5. If you need additional help, visit the help section on our mobile app, or click on the Help link found at the bottom of
Hoopla: Get free streaming movies, TV shows, music, audiobooks

Portable Apps

If you own an Apple or Android phone or tablet, Hoopla has an application just for you! All the same features as the web site, plus the ability to download borrowed titles to your device so you can play them offline. After installing the app on your device, just log in using the email and password credentials you set up for your account.

Checkout Limitations

  • 12 checkouts per month per user (all formats).
  • Audio books, eBooks and comics: 21 days
  • Music: 7 days
  • Movies & TV shows: 3 days

Online Tutorials

Need help using Hoopla? Check out these quick online tutorials on Youtube.

Using Freading

Please note: All Freading and Freegal Products will be phased out at the end of 2015.

Freading Logo

Freading gives you access to tens of thousands of books, none of which require waiting in line to download.

How it works:

Upon logging in with your credentials from your library, you will see a splash page come up, with an easy 1-2-3 guide to enjoying eBooks.

  • In the upper right corner of the site, you will see information regarding your account. Specifically, you will see an allotment of "tokens", which is a virtual currency that you can redeem for eBook downloads. It will say 8/10, or some other configuration, which means you have 10 tokens for this week, and you have 8 tokens remaining.
  • Different books cost different token amounts. The token amount required for a book is labeled clearly on the book display. Unused tokens roll over to the following week. Every 4 weeks, unused tokens expire.

Freading™ has its own apps for the iPad® and iPhone®, and its own apps for Android™ tablets and phones. It is also compatible with Kindle Fire, Nook devices, and Kobo devices. Adobe Digital Editions is required to download books from Freading. For more information, see the Freading FAQ page.

Using Freegal

Freegal Music Logo

Freegal Music gives you access to millions of songs from over 10,000 labels including the Sony Music catalog (USA). You can download three songs a week to keep, and you can also stream three hours of music a day!

How it works:

  • Library users have a weekly download limit. You will be able to keep track of your downloads in the upper right corner of the site.
  • Every song has a sample clip you can listen to before you download.
  • This service will work with any MP3 player, including iPod, and can be loaded into iTunes. It works on both PCs and Macs.
  • Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Be sure to check out the browsing areas, especially Artists A to Z (on the “see all genres” page) and the genre lists (menu bar). Click on “see all genres” to view dozens of categories.

For more information, see the FreegalMusic FAQ page.

Using FreegalMovies

Freegal Movies Logo

FreegalMovies is a streaming video service from your library, offering access to thousands of feature films and television episodes from major content providers.

  • There is no software to download as the service is browser or app based, like popular services you may have used before.
  • Each cardholder can watch 3 different movies or television episodes each week.  Each selection carries with it a 48 hour viewing period, during which time you may watch that selection multiple times.   The number of selections you have left is indicated in the upper right hand corner.
  • You can browse Freegal Movies in several ways. You can go through the featured selections on the home page, or you can browse through New Arrivals, Most Popular, or the Library Picks at the bottom of the page. Freegal Movies is a browsing site, and not a search site, at present. Once you have made your selections, you just press on the image, and then press play. A playing screen will show up, and then the movie will start playing. You can watch it as a partial size, or expand it to full screen. The video player enclosed in the browser can fast forward, rewind, pause, play or adjust the volume.

For more information, see the FreegalMovies FAQ page.

Using Ebscohost


An Ebscohost account is required in order to view and download titles from Ebscohost.

If you already have an Ebscohost account and are ready to search and download eAudioBooks and eBooks click here.

If you don't have an Ebscohost account please come in to the library and we will assist you in creating one.

If you are at one of the library computers you can create an account on your own by clicking here. You will need to click the sign in button at the top of the page and then click on Create an Account.

Ebscohost offers:

  • Bestsellers from award-winning authors.
  • Nearly 300 downloadable eAudiobooks with categories including Fictions, Computer Science, Linguistics, History, Politics and much more.
  • Over 5,000 textual eBook titles.
  • Lending periods: eBooks (varies from 24 hrs to 7 days), eAudiobooks (21 days).