Public Computers

Internet Computers

A library card and PIN number (or a guest pass, obtained from the Adult Information desk or Children’s Services desk) is required to use these computers, which are accessed through our PC Reservation system. Reservations are a 2 hour time with the option to have time extended in 30 minutes increments, depending on the accessibility of other Internet computers. Black and white or color printing is available from all Internet computers.

Microsoft Office Computers

Eight of our Internet Computers also have Microsoft Office. Four are near the printer, two are in the study rooms, and there is one each in the Children’s Department and Young Adults area. If you do not need to use Microsoft Office, please be considerate of those who do when choosing a computer.

Children’s Department Game Computers

There are 6 game computers available in the Children’s Department. Printing is not available on any game computers, and Internet access is limited.

Computer Lab

The computer lab consist of 14 computers and one instructor computer.  Ten computers, including the instructor computer, have Windows 7 with Office 2010. The five computers in the back row have Windows 8.1 with Office 2013. Internet access and printing are available. Click here for information on reserving the computer lab.