1:1 Tech Help

1:1 Tech Help

Do you find technology confusing?  Or maybe you're struggling to keep up with the latest changes?  Wish someone had time to just sit down with you and show you how your new device works? If so, be sure to ask about our free 1:1 tech help.

To schedule a session, call Beth at 260-244-5541, ext. 118 or email bgaff@ppl.lib.in.us. You can also find her during regularly scheduled Mobile Labs and Tech Talks.

Additionally, you may request help via this online form.

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Technology Classes on Youtube

Our Technology Trainer, Beth Gaff, has recorded many of her technology classes, which are available on YouTube under the channel Instructor: Beth Gaff and using the links below.

Digital Escape Rooms

Halloween is your favorite holiday, and you love to celebrate all month long! Earlier this month, your parents tried to design a haunted house inside your home, but somehow the haunting became a little too real when the ghosts Dr. Can D. Corn, Dr. Pump Kin, and Dr. Trick R. Treaters took over your house.

Now it’s the Eve of Halloween, and you are going to a haunted house on a farm near your house. Something seems puzzling as soon as you and your friends arrive…why is everything so dark? Out of the corner of your eye, you see a figure moving towards you.

“Hello humans,” says the ghost. “I am Dr. Bat Dracular, and I have “pulled the plug” on your Halloween fun.  I’m tired of all of these haunted houses. I decided to turn off all of the power and locked the key away so that no one can enjoy the haunted house this year.  See you next year.”

NO HAUNTED HOUSE? It can’t be!

You have to find that key to turn the power back on and you have to hurry before the crowds arrive for the haunted house.

Can you save Halloween?!

Access Code: ICTRW8

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