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Children's Department Computers

Game Computers

Sign up at the Children's Services desk to use one of our six Children's Game Computers. Patrons are allowed up to one hour per day on these computers (in half hour increments). The Children's Game Computers have limited connectivity to the Internet (Tumblebook only, at this time) and they cannot print, but they have lots of fun, educational games. Included are an assortment of Windows games, offline versions of popular Internet games, assorted games from The Learning Company and other educational software providers, and educational freeware.

Internet Computers

Three computers in the Children's Department can be used to access the Internet. These computers are just like the ones in the Adult and YA areas. You will need a library card or guest pass to sign onto one of these, and print jobs will be sent to the printer in the Adult department. One of these computers also has Microsoft Office 2010.

Online Catalog Computers

Three computers are available for looking up materials in our online catalog.

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