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How Do I Obtain Materials not at this Library?

Materials Request Slips

Patrons can request materials not available at the library by filling out a Materials Request Slip available at any of the service desks at the library. A valid borrowers card is required in order to use this service.

Puchases vs. Interlibrary Loan

If the item is less than 6 months old, it will be considered for purchase. Please note that, due to the number of requests, we may not be able to satisfy all your submissions.

If the item is over 6 months old, we can attempt to borrow it from another library via Evergreen Indiana, or using Interlibrary Loan. If the material cannot be borrowed from another library, it will be considered for purchase.

Please note that when items are borrowed from other libraries via Interlibrary Loan, the lending library determines the loan period and renewing is not an option.

New Book Alerts

Sign up for new book alerts to keep up with newly purchased titles available at the Peabody Public Library!

Online Requests

Patrons can also request materials online, using the following options.

Using Evergreen Indiana

Not only can you use the online catalog to place a hold on material in our library, you may also place holds on books and audio books that are in any of the 100+ other Evergreen libraries in Indiana (unfortunately, music CDs and movies from other Evergreen libraries are only available by traveling to those libraries).

When you search the catalog, it will default to items at the Peabody Public Library; however, if you want to search other libraries, you may use the drop-down menu where our library name is entered and scroll to the very top to select Evergreen Indiana. If you find a book from another library, you simply click on the place hold feature to the right of the item record. The owning library will receive notice and send it to us. You will then be notified that the item is at the Peabody Public Library to be picked up.

Requesting Interlibrary Loans via Email

If you would like to request an interlibrary loan for materials not available in Evergreen Indiana, simply send an email to with your request.

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Your name and contact information,
  • Title and author of the work,
  • Preferred format (book, CD, etc.),
  • Any other specific needs (such as latest edition, large print, movie version).

This information will enable us to fulfill your request as accurately as possible.

At other Evergreen Indiana Libraries

Patrons may also go directly to another Evergreen Indiana library to borrow items. These items may be returned at the lending library or here at Peabody Public Library, whichever is more convenient.