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Printing at the Peabody Public Library

A networked printer is available for patron usage. This printer is accessible from any of our public access computers. The cost for printing is 10¢ per page (this includes color print jobs). All jobs sent to the printer and not retrieved after 3 hours will be deleted.

WiFi Printing

Printing services for wireless users is also available. There are no print drivers or software to install. Just as when printing from one of our computers, printing is 10¢ per page, and all jobs sent to the printer and not retrieved after 3 hours will be deleted. For step-by-step instructions, pick up one of our Printing for Wireless Users brochures, or click here.

From a File or URL

If you want to print a Web page or a file saved on your laptop or mobile device, click here to get started.

From an Email

To print an email message or attachment from your mailbox or from your mobile device, simply forward your email to one of the following email addresses:

Note: When you go to pick up your print job, you will see both the attachment and the email itself listed in your available print jobs, so make sure you select the correct item for printing.

Using the PrinterOn App

You can install the free PrinterOn app to your mobile device. In the app, you will need to find and add one or both of the following printers.

  • ppl-webprint-bw for black-and-white print jobs, or
  • ppl-webprint-color for color print jobs.

The PrinterOn app allows you to print documents, photos, or web pages from your mobile device, without having to use a browser or send an email. You will still pay for your print job at the print release station, not on your device.