Library Cards

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Lost or stolen cards should be reported as as soon possible to the library at (260) 244-5541, option 1. The library charges $2.00 for replacement cards.

Resident Cards:

The Peabody Public Library is supported by property taxes from Columbia City, Columbia Township, and Thorncreek Township.  This means that people living or owning properties in these areas are entitled to an Evergreen Indiana card at no additional cost.  Furthermore, anybody with an Evergreen Indiana card from another library can use it at Peabody Public Library.


If you live in Columbia City, Columbia Township, or Thorncreek Township, and are over the age of 18, you can apply for a library card, Here.


Please Note:

  • A card is not required to attend programs or access materials within the library.
  • You must present your library card to check out materials.
  • Proper Identification to register for a library card- (A photo ID is always needed to register for a card):
    • Valid Driver’s License (Other states’ IDs will have to provide proof of residency)
    • Valid State ID card (Other states’ IDs will have to provide proof of residency)
    • Valid U.S. or other Government issued Photo ID (Military, Passport)
    • Valid University or College issued ID with name and information
  • If you do not have your  current address on your ID, then you will need to supply proof of residency along with your photo ID.   Items need to be within the last 30 days.  Electronic Versions are acceptable:
    • Bank Statement
    • Any bill issued in the applicant’s name
    • Apartment lease
    • Property Tax Receipt- (Beacon may be used)
    • Change of address from the United States Post Office.
      • A P.O. BOX is NOT acceptable as a residence physical address.
  • Every two years, we are required to update your library card information.  Should you receive a notification that your library card is going to expire, please DO NOT throw your card away.  Just be sure to bring your card and photo ID the next time you come to the library, to verify your current address, phone number and email address.


Internet Only Access Cards:

The Peabody Public Library offers FREE Internet Access cards for those who are not in the PPL service area but wish to use our public computers.  Internet Access cards look like student cards, but they do not allow you to check out any materials or access our other online services.

Please Note:
  • An Internet Access card is not required in order to access our free WiFi, it just means that you don't have to request a guest pass each time you come in.

Non-Resident Cards:

Those who are not eligible for a residents card, may purchase an Evergreen Indiana borrowers card.  Individuals who have a valid borrower's card from another public library in Indiana may purchase a Public Library Access Card (PLAC).  The PLAC card gives patrons the means to use any public library in Indiana regardless of Evergreen affiliation.

The cost is determined each year by the Indiana State Library.  Non-resident cards and PLAC library cards expire one year after the date of purchase.

Current Fees

  • Evergreen Indiana $85/year
  • PLAC $65/year (with any valid Indiana library card)


Why am I not eligible?  

Public libraries in Indiana are funded by local taxing districts. These taxes pay for the books and other materials in the library, the utilities, maintenance, salaries and other expenses. The Peabody Public Library’s taxing district is Columbia City, Columbia Township and Thorncreek Township (only two of the nine townships in Whitley County).  The people owning property or living within these districts are eligible for cards paid for through their local property taxes.

  • Anyone is welcome to use the resources of the library when they visit, but only those with borrowers’ cards may check out materials. We also honor borrower’s cards from other Evergreen libraries.

Specialty Cards:


K-12 students that attend (at least in part) a school in the Whitley County Consolidated School district, but who are not in the PPL service area, can receive a student library card for free.  This also includes K-12 homeschooled students living in the WCCS district.

Student cards expire annually and must be renewed.  Parent or guardian must be present and have a photo ID that has their current address.  Proof of enrollment is also required for students who reside outside the normal WCCS district.


K-12 teachers that work for the Whitley County Consolidated School district, but who are not in the PPL service area, can receive a  library card for free.

Teacher cards expire annually and must be renewed.    Proof of employment is required in the form of school id, logging into classroom management software, contract, paystub, etc.