Wifi & Computers

Free Wifi

The Peabody Public Library provides free wireless internet access throughout the library. A library card is not necessary to connect to the library wireless network. Simply connect to PeabodyWireless and have access to broadband internet. Don't have a portable device of your own? See below to learn about our public computers.

Public Computers

A library card and a PIN Number is required to use these computers.  If you do not have a library card you can request a guest pass from the Information desk.  Computers can be used in two hour increments, with the option to extend time, depending on the accessibility of other computers.  You will be able to print in color or black and white from any of these computers.

Adult Services Area

Six of these computers also have Microsoft Office on them:  Four are near the printer and two are in the study rooms.
An ADA-compatible computer is available near the other Internet computers. It features a large screen and access to all Windows Accessibility software.

Youth Services Area - Internet Access is Limited

Six gaming computers are available in the Youth Services area.  Printing is NOT available on these computers.

Two computers have Microsoft Office on them: One in the Children's area and one in the Young Adult area.

Computer Lab

The computer lab consists of 10 computers and 1 instructor computer.  All computers have Windows 10.  Internet access and printing are available on these computers.  Click here for information on reserving the computer lab.