Print, Copy, Scan, Fax

Print & Copy

A printer/copier is available for patron usage. The printer is accessible from any of our public access computers. All jobs sent to the printer and not retrieved after 3 hours will be deleted.


  • Black-and-white: 10¢
  • Color: 25¢
  • Legal (8½ x 14): Same price as letter (8½ x 11)
  • Two-sided: Same price as two pages

*Stated prices reflect a cash discount. Print jobs may also be paid for by credit or debit card.

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing gives you the ability to print to the library’s printer from virtually anywhere by using an app, uploading a file, or sending an email.

From a File or URL

If you are printing a Web page or a file saved on your laptop or mobile device, click here to get started.

  • Black and White printing is selected by default; choose “Color Public Access Printer” if you wish to print in color.
  • Type a name you can remember in the space provided. This name will help you identify your print job at the print release station.
  • Select the file you wish to print by clicking on the Browse button. If you are printing a document from a website, copy and paste the URL of the document from your browser’s address bar into the Select Document area.
  • On the next page, you can choose page orientation, number of copies desired, and whether to only print selected pages.
  • When you see “Approved Print Job,” click on the green print icon to send your document(s) to the printer.
  • When you see “Your request has been processed,” it means the print job is being sent to the print release kiosk and will be ready shortly.

From an Email

To print an email message or attachment from your mailbox or from your mobile device, simply forward your email to one of the following email addresses:

Also note:

  • You should receive a confirmation email when the process is complete.
  • Your identification at the print release kiosk will be the first part of your email address (before the @ sign).
  • Attachments will appear as separate print jobs (note the file name for retrieval).
  • The body of the email will be identified by the subject line.

From an App

You can use the free PrinterOn Mobile Printing app if it is available for your device. In the app, you will need to find and add one or both of the following printers (the location is “Peabody Public Library Columbia City Indiana”):

  • For black-and-white print jobs, use ppl-webprint-bw
  • For color print jobs, use ppl-webprint-color

The PrinterOn app allows you to print documents, photos, or web pages from your mobile device, without having to use a browser or send an email. You will still pay for your print job at the print release station, not on your device.


Faxes are sent and received at the Checkout Desk.

Sending a Fax:

You will need to fill out a form at the Checkout Desk, and a staff member will process the fax and payment.


  • $1.00 per page, local or long distance with a borrower’s card.
  • $2.00 per page, local or long distance without a borrower’s card.

Exception to the above fees can be made at the discretion of the librarian in charge.

The library does not provide international fax capabilities.

Receiving a Fax:

There is no charge for receiving a fax. When the fax arrives at the library the clerk at the Checkout desk will notify the person to whom the fax is addressed.


A flatbed scanner is available for public use. The scanner can be used for documents up to legal size using the document feeder, or up to letter size on the flatbed portion. It can also be used to scan transparent photo negatives and slides. The software includes OCR to convert scanned documents to text. Scanned files can be printed, uploaded to the Internet, or saved to your portable device. This is a free service that does not require a library card.