The Wetlands

Peabody Public Library has the distinction of being the only library in Indiana with wetlands in our own backyard!

Enjoy a panoramic view of the wetland and its animal visitors from the windows or take a walk to take a closer look at the plants and animals living there. A short trail has also been developed, and trees native to our area have been labeled to make this unique part of our community even more enjoyable for people of all ages.

Why Wetlands?

Some people may wonder why there are wetlands at a library; a library is where people go to check out books, right?  Well, libraries have gradually been evolving into community centers for educational instruction and entertainment; a safe place for the entire family.  The wetlands is yet another spot for the community to come and enjoy!

While books can certainly help explain the history of wetlands and the important role they play in the natural environment, having our own beautiful wetlands to explore can't be replaced.  Nothing can take the place of hands on learning!

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