Whitley County History

Preserving historical and personal memories of Whitley County, Indiana and to make them accessible to all who wish to know it's rich history is our goal. 

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We feel it is important to preserve history for future generations, to let them know what was here before they came.  Much of the “old” Whitley County has disappeared: downtown businesses, landmark buildings, farms and schools.  We can come to you, or you may be interviewed at the library – wherever you feel the most comfortable. We can do individual or group interviews. The process is really simple and painless; just talk to us the way you would talk to friends or family, passing on “stories”.  Please note that this project is not just for Columbia City; we would like interviews from all over Whitley County – Churubusco, South Whitley, Collins, Laud, Collamer - all are welcome!

Feel free to call us at (260)244-5541 to set up an appointment or if you would like additional information on this project.

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Narrator Area Discussed Date Recorded
Anderson, Betty Larwill, Tri-Lakes 10/1/2009
Bailey, Ralph Columbia City, WCCS 9/22/2009
Boardman, Tom Coesse 2/11/2010
Bollinger, Marian South Whitley 11/16/2009
Brittain, Robert Columbia City 3/23/2009
Brown, Frances Thorncreek, Columbia City 5/5/2010
Cassell, Robert Columbia City, Larwill, S. Whitley 8/6/2008
City Hall of Columbia City Told by Mayor Ryan Daniel 12/12/2018
Coyle, Rosie City Clerk of Columbia City, Coesse 12/13/2018
Daniel, Daniel L. Columbia City 10/8/2008
Fleck, Jim Columbia City 11/2/2011
Geist, Joe Tunker, Peabody, Columbia City 1/26/2010
Haworth, Dick Whitley County Agriculture 11/5/2009
Heckman, Gene Tri-Lakes, Thorncreek Township 3/9/2010
Heinley, Elmer & Helen Columbia City 9/17/2009
Hively, Jeanie Columbia City 3/20/2012
Hockemeyer, Gregg Columbia City Legal Community 12/21/2018
Jefferson Home Extension Club Churubusco, Columbia City, Laud 3/5/2009
Johnson, Bonnie Columbia City, Laud 11/19/2008
Klingaman, Lynn Rural Whitley County/Ag Museum 9/8/2009
Mathieu, Chuck Churubusco 12/1/2009
McNagny, Patricia Columbia City 11/12/2009
Metzger, Roger Columbia City Basketball/Newspapers 12/10/2009
Myers, Mary J. Collins, Churubusco 4/29/2010
Oliver, Jayne Columbia City 4/15/2013
Overdeer, Bill Columbia City, County Council 4/15/2010
Parker, Mark Columbia City 12/6/2018
Parliamentary Law & Literary Club Told by Marge Pence 4/5/2010
Passages, Inc Told by Tom O'Neal and Alice Anderson, Columbia City 3/7/2011
Pontzius, Jon Columbia City 12/17/2009
Pugh, Mary Alice Columbia City 8/27/2009
Ramp, Richard & Viola Columbia City 9/25/2008
Reed, Max Columbia City 3/16/2010
Rosenberger, Janice Laud, Jefferson Township 2/16/2010
Rothert, Dulanna Tri-Lakes 7/24/2008
Rush, Mike Whitley County Judicial System 12/7/2018
Schneider, Alice Columbia City 5/16/2016
Schuman, Billie Ormas, Etna, Columbia City 10/8/2009
Sexton, Roy Columbia City 11/24/2012
Sexton, Susie Columbia City 10/4/2012
Smith, C. Taron Smith and Sons Funeral Home 11/19/2018
Smith, Nathan Collamer 3/23/2010
Strouse, Mary Louise Columbia City 10/29/2009
Tawasi Home Extension Club Churubusco, Collins, Columbia City, Etna, Larwill, Tri-Lakes 4/27/2009
Trier, Vernon Columbia City 8/31/2009
Wagner, Scott Donated paintings 5/24/2012
Waterfall, Clark Columbia City 11/12/2008
Whitley County Chamber of Commerce Told by Jennifer Zartman Romano 12/5/2018
Whitley County Community Foundation Told by September McConnell 11/27/2018
Whitley County Courthouse Told by Bev Henley 12/12/2018
Whitley County Economic Development Corporation Told by Jon Myers 12/7/2018
Whitley County Historical Museum Annex (with Dani Tippmann) 11/13/2018
Whitley County Historical Museum Marshall House (with Angie Maley) 3/11/2010
Whitley County Veteran's Marathon Told by Gary Bird 11/29/2018
Wineland, Don Columbia City, Tri-Lakes 10/22/2009